About the Institution

The “Ramakrishnan Chandra College of Education” offering Bachelor of Education Course – B.Ed (I Year) exclusively for girls is located and elevated about 1400 ft at Kullappa Goundanpatti village in Cumbum valley Theni District, Tamil Nadu. It lies on the bank of Mullai Periyar River, which flows first to this village from Thekkady Dam, Kerala. The college has 10.46 acres of land with natural beauty and serene atmosphere and all sports and games facilities. It is surrounded by the Suruli waterfalls. Thekkady Dam and Western Ghats.

Hostel Accommodation with cots, beds, pillows, shawls and food …etc are provided separately in the college premises for the students and faculty members. A canteen is also provided.

Motto: Discipline, Devotion and Development

College Buildings with 5 Floors and Lift (10 Persons)
Total - 35816 Sq.ft (3328.62 Sq.m.)

Ground Floor 599.80 Sq.m
First Floor 675.56 Sq.m
Second Floor 675.56 Sq.m
Third Floor 675.56 Sq.m
Fourth Floor 599.80 Sq.m
Total 3226.28 Sq.m
B.Ed., Course is conducted in Ground Floor,
First Floor and Second Floor.

Faculty Room 589.42 Sq.ft
Office Room 589.42 Sq.ft
Principal Room 589.42 Sq.ft
Multi Purpose Room 2272.38 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:1 589.42 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:2 589.42 Sq.ft
Computer Lab 589.42 Sq.ft
Library Cum Reading Room 1198.94 Sq.ft
Physical Science Room 589.42 Sq.ft
Health Centre 400 Sq.ft
Girls Commom Room 400 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:3 589.42 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:4 589.42 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:5 589.42 Sq.ft
Educational Technology Lab 589.42 Sq.ft
Lanuage Lab 589.42 Sq.ft
Biological Science Lab 589.42 Sq.ft
Art, Craft, Music, SUPW 400 Sq.ft
B.Ed Class Room No:6 400 Sq.ft

Room (Vacant) 589.42 Sq.ft
Guidance &
Councelling Room - Placement Cell
589.42 Sq.ft
Psychology Lab 589.42 Sq.ft
Multi Purpose Hall (Vacant) 2272.38 Sq.ft
Store Room 400 Sq.ft
Physical Education Room 589.42 Sq.ft

* Sophisticated Toilet and Bathroom Facilities Provided in Each Floor.
* Third and Fourth Floor will be Utilized for Future B.Ed., Programme Expansion